Rasnadi Vati - Vata balance, 30 Tabs | 500mg

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Rasnadivati is used primarily as a pain killer and as an anti-inflammatory and as a muscle relaxant. Its main constituent is Rasna which is particularly effective in relieving all types of joint pains. This formula helps with conditions due to excess vata. It reduces heat and discomfort caused by excessive vata which lead to other conditions in Ayurveda. It helps relieve joint associated discomfort and arthritis.
Key Benefits
  • it relieves all types of joint pains as it acts as an analgesic and is anti-inflammatory.
  • It relaxes stiff muscles, helping in treating condition due to excess vata.
  • Reduces heat and discomfort caused by excessive vata.
  • Treats arthritis and provides relief in sciatica pain.

How to Use

  • Directed by the physician

Key Ingredients

  • Rasna