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Agarbatti has been used for years for various purposes, including religious ceremonies, removing unpleasant odors, and creating an atmosphere of serenity and calmness. There are different varieties of agarbatti available, each of which is known for its distinct fragrance. Agarbattis are also known for their spiritual and cultural relevance. So, for agarbatti online shopping, visit the online website of Sri Sri Tattva, and pick your favorite range of products.

Benefits of Using Agarbatti

There are multiple benefits associated with the use of agarbatti. Some of the key benefits have been listed below:

A. Aromatic Therapy:

Agarbattis are quite frequently used for aromatherapy. They help improve mental cognition, focus, and clarity. A few varieties of agarbattis are also known for their sedative effects. They allow you to sleep better. You can also use agarbattis to trigger your senses and give yourself a feeling of rejuvenation.

B. Meditation and Spiritual Practices:

Agarbattis are deeply associated with yoga and meditation. The beautiful aroma of agarbattis can help you meditate and conduct various spiritual rituals. The agarbattis also have a calming effect that helps increase your focus during yoga. They also help ease anxiety and curb stress.

C. Air Purification:

Agarbattis come with air purification capabilities. They can instantly purify the air and eliminate odor. Some studies also state that burning an incense stick for an hour can reduce the bacteria in the air by around 94%. It also gives us a fresh and rejuvenating feeling, stimulating the mind and boosting creativity.

Why Choose Sri Sri Tattva Agarbatti:

There are quite a few reasons to choose Sri Sri Tattva as your agarbatti brand:

A. Well Known Brand:

Sri Sri Tattva is one of the most reliable agarbatti brands in India for agarbatti online shopping. Nothing but delivering the best quality products to the customers is the key objective of this company. The products are 100% organic and can be used for spiritual and religious practices. The agarbatti variants are also crafted, keeping ancient techniques and traditions in mind.

B. Use of Natural Ingredients:

Sri Sri Tattva uses only natural ingredients in their agarbatti variants. This includes different herbs, essential oils, and other elements that can create an extraordinary experience. These natural ingredients not only enhance the mood but can also contribute to a much healthier environment. The agarbatti made out of natural ingredients is also really good for our overall health.

C. Availability of a Wide Variety of Products:

You will find a diverse range of products available on the website of Sri Sri Tattva, catering to the purposes and preferences of different individuals. From calming scents to traditional ones, you will find all kinds of products on the website of Sri Sri Tattva. The company also offers agarbatti in different fragrances to trigger your senses and make you feel happy and overwhelmed.

Types of Agarbatti

Some of the most popular varieties of agarbatti have been listed below:

A. Traditional Agarbatti:

Traditional agarbatti comes with a distinct fragrance. They are mostly used for cultural and spiritual practices. The essence of floral agarbatti can be used to create a warm and comforting atmosphere. Some common ingredients used in manufacturing traditional agarbatti are sandalwood, lavender, etc. They are also quite ideal for religious ceremonies and can create an atmosphere of sacredness.

B. Floral Agarbatti:

Floral agarbatti boasts a sweet, delicate, and refreshing fragrance reminiscent of fresh flowers, effectively bringing the essence of a garden into indoor spaces. Widely recognised for their ability to infuse a sense of joy and pleasantness, these agarbattis are available in common variants like lavender, rose, and jasmine. Floral agarbatti can instantly uplift one's mood, making it a popular choice for those seeking a delightful and aromatic experience.

C. Woody Agarbatti:

Woody agarbatti has a smell that evokes the essence of nature. The fragrance is quite warm. You feel comfortable with the essence. The common ingredients used in this agarbatti are sandalwood, cedarwood, etc. They have a distinct essence and can be used to create a calm and contemplative atmosphere. The agarbatti is quite frequently used during meditation and yoga sessions.

Key Ingredients in Sri Sri Tattva Agarbatti:

A. Sandalwood:

Sandalwood is one of the major ingredients used in making agarbatti. Sandalwood is often related to sacredness. It is known for its calming fragrance and spiritual properties. The sweet aroma of sandalwood can instantly elevate the mood and give you an extraordinary feeling.

B. Aromatic Resins:

Aromatic resins are mainly used to add depth to the fragrances of agarbatti. These resins are mainly derived from the saps of trees and have been long used for various religious ceremonies. Resins, when combined with other natural ingredients, create a well-rounded and nuanced aromatic experience that instantly fills your heart with joy.

C. Herbs and Spices:

Sri Sri Tattva believes in incorporating different types of herbs and spices in its agarbatti range. These herbs and spices add a unique scent to the original scent of agarbatti. The herbs and spices come with various holistic and therapeutic benefits. The smell also contributes to a refreshing atmosphere.

How to Use

The agarbatti from Sri Sri Tattva is quite easy to use. You just have to light the agarbatti and place it in any suitable corner of your house, and you are good to go.

Promotions and Offers

You will find many trending offers on Sri Sri Tattva's website, like "Free Shipping on & above ₹1499" and "Cash on Delivery Available.” By availing of these offers, you can buy agarbatti online at a reasonable price.

So, if you are willing to get the best agarbatti online, come and visit the website of Sri Sri Tattva and pick your favorite product at a reasonable price.


1. Which smell of agarbatti is most popular?

Multiple popular agarbatti smells are available in the market, like sandalwood, jasmine, lavender, etc.

2. Which wood is agarbatti made of?

The inner core of agarbatti is mainly made out of bamboo sticks.

3. Which fragrance of Dhoop is best?

The choice of fragrance depends largely on personal preferences and the occasion on which the dhoop will be used.

4. Which agarbatti is good for health?

The agarbatti, which is made from natural ingredients and generates less smoke, is considered good for health.

5. Which fragrance is best for incense sticks?

A plethora of fragrances is available. So, you can choose any fragrance that triggers your senses.

6. How can I shop for agarbatti in Sri Sri Tattva?

You can easily shop for agarbatti on the website of Sri Sri Tattva. 

7. What are some advantages to buying agarbatti from Sri Sri Tattva?

There are multiple advantages of buying agarbatti from Sri Sri Tattva. The products are of superior quality. Also, there are a wide range of products available. So, you can pick whichever fragrance you like.