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Dal holds an indispensable place in Indian cuisine. It can be used in different recipes and forms a staple diet for the people of India. Dal is also cooked in different ways in different regions of India, as per the tastes and preferences of the people.

There are multiple benefits of consuming dal. It is high in proteins and contains various essential vitamins and minerals, contributing to good health. Dal also promotes improved digestion and better weight management. 

Now you can also get your organic arhar dal online from Sri Sri Tattva, a trusted brand for all kinds of dal products.

Health Benefits of Consuming Dal

A. High Nutritional Value:

Dal has high nutritional value. It is protein-rich and contains all the essential vitamins and minerals in the right quantities. It is also rich in fiber content.

B. Low in Fat:

The low-fat content of dal makes it good for our health as it contributes to a balanced diet. A low-fat diet is also associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

C. Good for Digestion:

Consuming dal regularly promotes healthy digestion. Your digestive health improves significantly, and you are less likely to suffer from constipation as your bowel movements improve.

D. Weight Management:

Dal helps in weight management. It provides a feeling of fullness, reducing the likelihood of overeating. It also helps in maintaining muscle balance and reduces overall calorie intake.

Why Choose Sri Sri Tattva for Your Dal Needs

A. Quality Assurance:

Sri Sri Tattva is highly committed to maintaining quality and purity while manufacturing its products. Every single variety of product available for sale on the website of Sri Sri Tattva is of the best quality. Stringent quality control measures are also taken while processing the products.

B. Organic and Natural:

The dals from Sri Sri Tattva are made from 100% organic and natural ingredients. No preservatives are used while processing the products. As a result, the inherent nutritional content of the lentils is maintained. The customers also get to enjoy multiple health benefits.

C. Variety and Convenience:

Sri Sri Tattva has the widest variety of dal on its website. From chana dal to toor dal online, you will get every variety of dal, which is used frequently in the kitchens of Indian homes. This will add convenience to your life and enhance your cooking experience.

D. Trusted Brand:

Sri Sri Tattva has been serving the customers' culinary needs for quite a while now, and it has managed to reputation in the market. The brand has also built an excellent customer base within just a few years.

Types of Dal

A. Overview of Common Dal Varieties:

- Toor Dal (Arhar Dal)

Toor dal is more popularly known as arhar dal. It is one of the most delicious varieties of dal and is used for making dishes like Gujarati dal, sambar, etc. Toor dal has high magnesium, iron, and folic acid content and is extremely beneficial for our overall health. You can now get arhar dal online from the website of Sri Sri Tattva.

- Chana Dal

Chana dal is skinned chickpeas. It has a distinct flavor to it and is used in various recipes. People combine this dal with other ingredients to prepare khichdi. Chana dal can also be used to make different types of sweet dishes.

Moong Dal

Moong dal is frequently used in Indian households. It has high nutritional value and a delicious taste. Moong dal is also quite easy to cook. The fiber content in moong dal is also considerably high.

Masoor Dal

Masoor dal is of two types: whole masoor dal, which is black, and split masoor dal, which has a brownish tinge. Both of these varieties have high nutritional value. Masoor dal is also known for its unique flavor It has a high fiber content

- Urad Dal

Urad dal is mainly available in two varieties: whole black urad dal and split black urad dal. Urad dal is packed with nutrients and is also rich in fiber. You can use urad dal to prepare a variety of cuisines, including sweet dishes.

B. Regional Variations:

Dal is an integral part of Indian cuisine, which boasts diverse variations across different regions of the country. The people of North India prefer the hearty Dal Makhani, prepared from urad dal, while the South Indians consider sambar, a tangible dish made from different lentils, tamarind, and vegetables, a daily diet. The people of Bengal prefer having Chola Dal at their festivals. This dal is made from chana dal and a variety of other spices. The Gujarati toor dal is a specialty of West India. It is known for its distinct sweet and sour flavor and is often paired with rice and roti.

Key Ingredients in Sri Sri Tattva Dal

A. Sourcing:

The key to a nutritious and delicious dal begins with using high-quality ingredients. Sri Sri Tattva, a brand known for its commitment to quality and authenticity, sources its dal ingredients with great care. The lentils are handpicked from the farms managed by the highly experienced farmers of Sri Sri Tattva. The company also uses organic farming methods while sourcing its products. This ensures that sustainable farming practices are maintained.

B. Processing:

The manufacturing and processing methods employed by Sri Sri Tattva ensure that the nutritional value of the food products is maintained. From manufacturing the product to packaging, every stage is taken care of systematically. This ensures that the final product is of the best possible quality and is also nutritious.

C. Flavor and Aroma:

The Sri Sri Tattva dal varieties have a distinct flavor and aroma. When cooked with Indian spices, they taste delicious. The unique flavor of the dal is attributed to multiple factors, like high-quality ingredients, highly advanced processing methods, and the lack of chemical preservatives.

How to Use:

The dal varieties from Sri Sri Tattva are quite easy to use:

  • Soak the dal in a bowl of water for a while before cooking.
  • Add the necessary spices.
  • Cook on medium heat.

Promotions and Offers

Sri Sri Tattva offers various promotions and offers on its range of products from time to time, like:

"Free Shipping on & above ₹1499"

"Cash on Delivery Available”


So, if you are willing to include dal as a part of your regular diet, then it is high time you buy dal online from Sri Sri Tattva. You are surely going to be really happy with the purchase.


1. What is the nutritional value of dal?

Dal has a high nutritional value. It has high quantities of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The fiber content is also high.

2. Is dal a good source of protein?

Yes, dal is high in protein. It also contributes to a balanced diet.

3. Can dal be included in a vegetarian diet for protein?

Yes, dal is frequently included in a vegetarian diet in Indian households for protein. 

4. What is the difference between dal and lentils?

Dal and lentils are two different terms. Lentils, when processed, become dal. 

5. Are lentils and pulses the same as dal?

No, lentils and pulses are not the same as dal. Dal refers to the split and hulled form of lentils or pulses.

6. How can I shop for Dal in Sri Sri Tattva?

You can easily shop for dal on the website of Sri Sri Tattva in just a few minutes.

7. What are some advantages to buying dal from Sri Sri Tattva?

There are multiple advantages to buying dal from Sri Sri Tattva. You will get different dal varieties from Sri Sri Tattva, each of which is of the best possible quality. The products are also 100% natural, and they are priced affordable.