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  • TRUE CREW - Sprouted Ragi Laddu, 180 g
  • TRUE CREW - Sprouted Ragi Laddu, 180 g
  • TRUE CREW - Sprouted Ragi Laddu, 180 g
  • TRUE CREW - Sprouted Ragi Laddu, 180 g
  • TRUE CREW - Sprouted Ragi Laddu, 180 g
  • TRUE CREW - Sprouted Ragi Laddu, 180 g
  • TRUE CREW - Sprouted Ragi Laddu, 180 g

TRUE CREW - Sprouted Ragi Laddu, 180 g

TRUE CREW - Sprouted Ragi Laddu, 180 g

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  • Elevate your snacking experience with TRUE CREW Sprouted Ragi Laddu, a wholesome and delightful treat that combines the rich flavors of sprouted ragi with the sweetness of laddu. These laddus are thoughtfully packed in an 180g container.

Key Benefits

  • Rich source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Supports weight management.
  • Helps diabetes control.
  • Good for bone health.
  • Provides cardiovascular benefits.

Key Ingredients

  • Cane Jaggery
  • Sprouted Finger Millet (Ragi Flour)
  • Sprouted Moong Dal Flour(Green Gram)
  • Pure Desi Ghee
  • Cashew Nuts Powder
  • Raisins (Dried Grapes)
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India has a rich history of preparing sweets using unique and indigenous ingredients. Ingredients like Ragi or finger millet have a special place in every Indian's heart, and it is one dish that is introduced to us from a very young age. Ragi is a highly nutritious millet rich in fibre and calcium. Sprouted ragi laddu is a healthy sweet packed with fibre, calcium, and other essential minerals and an energy powerhouse. Sri Sri Tattva has mastered the art of making sprouted ragi laddus, and you can now buy desi sprouted ragi laddu from our website and get it delivered right to your doorstep!

Key Ingredients Of Sprouted Ragi Laddu

  • Cane Jaggery

  • Sprouted Finger Millet ( Ragi Flour)

  • Sprouted Moong Dal Flour ( Green Gram)

  • Pure Ghee

  • Cashew Nut Powder

  • Raisins ( Dried Grapes)

All the ingredients of Sri Sri Tattvas TRUE CREW - Sprouted Ragi Laddu are ethically sourced and made in the most hygienic facilities to give you the most benefits of this healthy sweet snack!


Sprouted ragi laddu,just likePeanut Laddu,is very nutritious, packed with fibre and minerals, and is a healthy option to increase your energy levels . The laddu has a unique taste and texture that makes this sweet dish even more intriguing and distinctive, making it a delicious snack. Here are a few other benefits of eating sprouted ragi laddu as a snack -

Rich In Essential Nutrients SproutedRagi Laddu is rich in fibre, which makes it a healthy option for gut health; the calcium in ragi ensures the healthy development of bones. Sprouted ragi laddu is also packed with proteins that help in the healthy development of muscles and aid in weight loss. Ragi has a low glycemic value which ensures that it curbs hunger and helps regulate blood sugar levels. This sweet yet healthy snack is also a powerhouse of energy and gives the body a slow release of energy for a tireless and productive day!

Promotes Gut Health As we know, ragi is rich in fibre, making it a healthy food for gut health. When combined with fibre, the proteins act as a fantastic promoter for healthier gut health and help avoid gastrointestinal problems. The fibre helps add bulk to the stool and facilitates healthy and consistent bowel movements that help eliminate toxins in the body and promote healthy weight loss. A healthy gut is vital for weight management, and eating ragi laddu can be a very effective option for sustained energy throughout the day. You can shop forSprouted Ragi Laddufrom our website and start your healthy weight management journey without compromising your craving for delicious sweets!

Boosts Energy Levels Ragi has a low glycemic index level that helps regulate and lower blood sugar. As ragi is rich in fibre, have a low GI value, and are full of healthy carbohydrates, a sprouted ragi laddu releases adequate amounts of energy in the body throughout the day, thereby boosting the overall energy levels in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Good For Bone Health Sprouted ragi laddus are often considered a super food as they are rich in essential minerals like calcium. Calcium is vital for the healthy development of bones, and ragi is rich in calcium, making it the go-to food for enhanced bone health and strength.

May Help Manage Diabetes Sprouted ragi laddus has a low glycemic index value, meaning that the blood sugar levels are always under check when you eat your sprouted ragi laddus as a snack that is not only sweet but is also packed with other healthy minerals and fibre that helps keep the body active and healthy. The ability to stay active also plays a significant role in managing diabetes to a great extent.

How To Store Sprouted Ragi Laddus?

Unlike other sweets,sprouted ragi laddushave long shelf life for up to three months once opened.

To store Sprouted ragi laddus:

  1. Ensure that the place where the laddus are kept is cool and dry.

  2. Ensure that the laddus are not stored where there is a possibility of ant or other rodent infestation.

  3. Ensure the utensils used to store the laddus are dry to avoid spoilage.

  4. Do not refrigerate the laddus

Why Choose Sprouted Ragi Laddoos?

There are many reasons to choose the delicious Sprouted Ragi Laddus over other sweets, a few of which are -

  • • Nutritious
    • Sprouted Ragi Laddus are highly nutritious and are rich in minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, making them a superfood for holistic health.
    • Sprouted Ragi Laddus are also rich in fibre, which aids in gut and gastrointestinal health.
  • • Easier To Digest
    • The fibre-rich sweet is easy to digest and curbs hunger for longer, helping in your weight management program.
    • The fibre in the ragi helps add bulk to the stool and ensures that the digestive and gastrointestinal organs are always healthy.
    • Healthy gut health usually translates to an active lifestyle, which implies a recipe for weight management and holistic health.
  • • Naturally Sweet
    • Sprouted ragi laddu is naturally sweet and has a distinctive taste to it, making it popular among health enthusiasts.
    • The jaggery and the taste of ragi make this dessert irresistible and something that can be consumed as part of our diet for proteins and minerals.

Customer Reviews

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Very Tasty and Healthy

Awesome taste and nicely packed and just the right size

hima bindu
Nice laddu

Tasty and Healthy

Laddu packing

Laddu packing need to improve

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Sri Sri Tattva uses fresh ingredients to make Sprouted Ragi Laddu, thereby extending the shelf life of our TRUE CREW - Sprouted Ragi Laddu. Our Sprouted Ragi Laddus can be stored in a clean, dry place for three months.

Sprouted Ragi Laddus are gluten-free and rich in fibre, minerals, and healthy carbohydrates that provide our bodies with energy throughout the day.

Sri Sri Tattva's Sprouted Ragi Laddus are -

• High in proteins

• High in essential minerals

• High in fibre

• Rich in flavour

Sprouted ragi is less in antinutrients, making it high in fibre and calcium compared to regular ragi laddus.

The most common ingredients in Sprouted Ragi Laddus are -

• Cane Jaggery

• Sprouted Finger Millet ( Ragi Flour)

• Sprouted Moong Dal Flour ( Green Gram)

• Pure Ghee

• Cashew Nut Powder

• Raisins ( Dried Grapes)