Sapthamruth Lauha - Eye Care, 30 Tabs | 300mg

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Saptamruth Lauha improves eyesight. It is beneficial in Amlapitta, Shoola and Chardi. It is also effective in the conditions of Annaha, Mutrasanga and Shhotha.

Key Benefits

  • It improves eyesight and is effective for Amlapitta
  • Heals constipation problem and increases appetite as it treats shoola (Colic)
  • Effective for Chardi
  • Treats the Stricture of urethra
  • Improve problems related to inflammation
  • Effective in the treatment of anorexia
  • It helps cure hyperacidity as it balances pitta dosha
  • Solve problems related to urination, bloating and edema

How to Use

  • Use under medical supervision
Key Ingredients
  • Extracts of Iron Bhasma

Net Weight : 300 mg

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Rohit Mehra
Very effective

Very effective product delivered very fast