Her Care Juice - PCOS / PCOD Relief | Helps Regularise Period Cycles, Hormone Balancing | 1 L

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Many women experience pain and extreme discomfort that can occur days before the onset of the monthly period. Find relief from symptoms related to PCOS & PCOD, period pains, cramps and uneasiness with this powerful blend of 7 Herbs like Shatavari, Kali Musali and Methi. Shatavari has been Ayurveda’s elixir for Women’s health through the ages. It can be extremely beneficial for women's reproductive health throughout various stages of their life.

Health Benefits

  • Period Pain Reliever, Relieves pain during, before and after Menstruation.
  • Healthy Menstrual Flow, Regulates the flow of Menstruation.
  • Hormone Balancing, Helps address conditions related to hormone imbalance such as PCOS and infertility.
  • Blood Purifier, Highly effective in eliminating pimples, acne blisters and various

  • other skin issues related to hormonal imbalances.
  • Reproductive Health: Supports female Reproductive & Bone health.


    • Shatavari
    • Vidarikanda
    • Ashwagandha
    • Aloe Vera
    • Methi
    • Black Cumin
    • Kalil Musali
    • Citric Acid
    • Potassium Sorbate
    • Sodium Benzoate

        Directions for Use

        • Add 30ml of Her Care Juice to 100ml of water and mix well.
        • Drink twice a day, preferably on empty stomach or as advised by your Vaidya/ Nutritionist.

          Net Weight: 1L

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 8 reviews
          Tuhina M Menon
          Sri Sri tatva

          It was good and valuable for money

          Sreepriya TP
          Awesome product

          I have been using her care juice for last two weeks. Few thing I noticed so far are visible reduction on body acne, my body feels light ,mood swings and stress level were less. I suggest every woman to include this product in their daily routine.

          SURESH KUMAR Rajpurohit
          Good product

          Now using when result come i message and all ayurvedic result will come minimum after 2 months so i using regularly thank u

          Dorairaj Sridhar

          Its amazing!

          Abhinandan Jain

          Her Care Juice - PCOS / PCOD Relief | Helps Regularise Period Cycles, Hormone Balancing | 1L