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  • Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit
  • Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit
  • Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit
  • Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit
  • Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit
  • Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit
  • Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit
  • Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit
  • Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit
  • Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit

Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit

Every Mother's Kids Immunity Kit

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  • At Sri Sri Tattva, we understand the daily worries and concerns that come with being a mom. Your child's health is not just a priority – it's your heartbeat.
  • In a world where every sniffle can set off alarm bells, we're here to provide reassurance. Our dedication to your little one's well-being means crafting products that not only bolster their immunity but also fill your heart with confidence.
  • With each thoughtfully chosen ingredient and meticulous quality check, we're not just offering products – we're extending a commitment of care. Because we know that when your child is strong from within, they can embrace every adventure with confidence.
  • Thank you for allowing us to join you on this precious journey of nurturing your child's health. Together, let's navigate the ups and downs, ensuring they bloom and shine bright, one step at a time.

Key Benefits

  • For All Round Immunity
  • Herbal Power for your Children
  • Ayurveda Immunization for your Child
  • Brain Health & Memory Power

Key Ingredients

1. Ojasvita ChocoMalt, 15g (Qty 2)

2. Ojasvita Chocolate, 15g (Qty 1)

3. Shishu Taila, 100ml (Qty 1)

4. Shakti Drops, 10ml (Qty 2)

5. Tulasi Arka, 30ml (Qty 1)

6. Medhya Rasayana, 200ml (Qty 1)

7. Sudanta Toothpaste, 100g (Qty 1)

8. Chyawanprash, 250g (Qty 1)

9. Ayukanti Lehyam, 5.5g (Qty 1)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I’m a mother of two kids 5 and 10 years old. Over the last 1 and half years I’ve been giving both my kids Shakti Drops and Ayukanti Lehyam and Ojasvita. It only tastes great but also has huge benefits in terms of building their immunity. And over time, during the seasonal changes when I see most of their friends suffering with cold and cough, my kids were able to battle it without falling sick. From my personal experience, I think this kit is great for the kids. Now, I have started recommending this and also gifting this to my friends who are mothers.


My friend recently suggested this kit to me and it is really amazing! It really is an immunity kit. The shakti drops, Tulsi Arka and Medhya rayasan for immunity building and memory boosting is really effective. My kid has not suffered from cold or cough from when I started using the Tulsi drops. The energy boosting drink is healthy and also tastes really good.


Hi everyone, I’m a mother of two kids. One is 13 years old and the other is 7 Years old. My younger son often used to fall sick during the seasonal changes and I had to visit the doctor at least 2 times in a month. Then my niece suggested me to try out Sri Sri Tattva’s Every Mothers Kids Immunity Kit and I must say that I have seen a lot of improvement in my child’s health. The Tulsi drops that is provided in the kit is very good for curing cold and cough and has proven effective for my younger son. Medhya Rasayan, the booster is also amazing and I give it to both my sons. The toothpaste has provided complete oral care and the immunity builder shakti drops is the best product. My kids have also been obsessed with the Ojasvita chocolate drink and ask me for it every day. Every mother concerned about her child’s health must check out this kit for sure!

Deepa Hiremath

I have been using the kid’s immunity kit for 1 month now and it has all the essential immunity building ingredients. The chawanprash in the kit is made of pure amla and the toothpaste is chemical free. My kids love the ojasvita which is an energy drink. It tastes really good. The shakti drops also has an effective impact on building the immunity of my kids. Mothers worried about your kid’s health, do give it a try.

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