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Whenever we talk about fruits, one fruit that always comes in the list is Mango. We often call it the King of fruits. People around the world love the sweet, juicy, and refreshing flavour of this summer delight. However, a dilemma always struck, and that is the choice between taste and health. Several Mango products are available in the market and online that claim to be pure but packed with a lot of sugars and artificial flavours. For all the health freaks and mango lovers, Mango Ojasvita has emerged as an ultimate solution. It is not just a drink. It is an amazing blend of well-being and taste. It stands as a testament to the fact that you don't have to sacrifice taste for health. This baverage is made with the freshest and most delicious mangoes. So, no tension of any artificial flavours. Also, it is embedded with the seven powerful herbs that have numerous benefits. This drink is more than just a refreshment; it's a mindful step towards embracing a lifestyle that values both pleasure and health in equal measure.

A Deep Dive into Mango Ojasvita's Features

Mango Ojasvita ticks all the features of a refreshing mango drink that everyone wants in summer, but along with that, it also comes with numerous health benefits. The mangoes used in this drink are fresh and selected for their superior taste and texture. Every sip of this Mango Ojasvita will make you feel like you are having a bite of a fresh, sweet mango. Wait, the uniqueness of this drink is not only the mangoes but also the seven herbs that come with numerous benefits. 

The Mango Ojasvita pack comes in 3 different sizes. You can either buy the 15g pack or the 200 gram or 1kg pack according to your need.

Nourishing the Body and Mind

This drink is a blend of crafted herbs, and we have stated that it gives you numerous benefits. Let's take a deep look towards the amazing benefits of purchasing this Mango Juice online.

Benefits to your body:

  1. Strengthens Immunity: Mango Ojasvita's potent herbs support the body's natural defences, making it more resistant to common ailments.
  2. Energises and Revitalises: Do you feel drained or lethargic? Mango Ojasvita functions as a natural energizer, reviving energy and lessening fatigue.
  3. Provides Nutrition: Mango Ojasvita's rich components make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs, which promotes general health and strength.
  4. Increases Physical Stamina: The beverage helps to increase physical stamina, ensuring that you stay active and experience less fatigue throughout your regular activities.

How does your mind get benefitted?

  1. Sharpens Memory: Shankapushpi and Brahmi are believed to support cognitive functions typically. Consuming alcohol frequently can aid with recall and memory.
  2. Lessens Stress: Ashwagandha, a vital component, is an adaptogen that helps with stress management. As a result, Mango Ojasvita not only rehydrates your taste buds but also helps to relax your mind.
  3. Enhances Focus: Mango Ojasvita's herbal blend can help with focus, making jobs appear less difficult and enhancing productivity.
  4. Encourages Mental Clarity: The special herbal blend aids in removing mental haze, allowing for clearer thinking and better decision-making.

How to Use?

To enjoy this amazing mango drink, you need to:

  1. Measure out 1-2 teaspoons of the powder.
  2. Blend it smoothly into a glass of milk. The choice between a chilled refreshment or a warm, soothing drink is yours.
  3. You can consume this drink twice a day. Also, you can take suggestions from your physician.

Key Ingredients

Mango Ojasvita is powered by a blend of seven potent ingredients. Each herb plays its own role:


Let's talk about something that can help in relieving stress. Ashwagandha is the first choice. It helps people feel more energized and relaxed as well. Whenever you consume the Mango Ojasvita drink, Ashwagandha in it helps make your mind calm and boosts your memory.


If you want to maintain your overall health, then satavari is good for you. It helps in improving the defence system of your body. Every drink of Mango Ojisvita gives your immunity system a boost and keeps you strong and healthy.


Along with the body, it is essential to maintain the health of your brain. That's where the Shankhpushpi comes in. It is actually a brain food. Mango Ojisvita this herb adds a brain-boosting touch. With every drink of this baverage, you give support to your brain.


General well-being is also essential, and Jyotismath takes care of that well. This herb not only enhances the taste of your drink but also affects your daily wellness routine positively.


Another amazing herb that this baverage has is Brahmi. It is also a boon for the brain. It plays an essential role in enhancing focus and helps in thinking clearly.

Kali Musali 

Kali Musali gives your body strength. Think of it as something that helps you stay active and not feel tired too quickly. When you drink Mango Ojasvita, the Kali Musali in it helps keep you energized for longer.


Bringaraj keeps your body feeling lively and active. It ensures that every glass not only refreshes you but also helps you to get rid of any tiredness.

Promotions and Offers

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1. Is mango juice good for you?

Yes, mango juice is rich in vitamins and minerals. Especially Mango Ojasvita, which combines mango goodness with beneficial herbs, [providing amazing health benefits].

2. Which Mango is best for juice?

We use the finest varieties of mangoes, specifically chosen for their rich flavour and sweetness, ensuring an authentic mango taste in every sip.

3. What is Mango Ojasvita, and what makes it unique?

Mango Ojasvita is a special blend of mango pulp and seven potent herbs. It not only entertains your taste buds but also provides you with numerous health benefits.

4. How does Mango Ojasvita help improve mental fitness?

Mango Ojasvita contains herbs like Shankapushpi and Brahmi, which are known for their benefits to the mind.

5. What flavours are available for Mango Ojasvita, and can you describe them?

Mango Ojasvita prominently features the mango flavour, but we offer other variants, too. All flavours combine fruitiness with the richness of beneficial herbs.

6. What are the key benefits of consuming Mango Ojasvita?

Mango Ojasvita is not only a flavoured drink, but also it boosts immunity, enhances memory, rejuvenates the body, and provides energy and stamina.

7. Can Mango Ojasvita be consumed by people of all ages?

Yes, undoubtedly, this drink is beneficial for people of all ages. Still, you can consult your physician before starting the consumption.

8. How can I shop for Mango Ojasvita on Sri Sri Tattva?

To buy this Mango Juice Online, go to the Beverages section on the website. Select Powdered Milk Drinks, and choose your favourite Mango Ojasvita from the products. Add it to the cart, enter your billing details and complete the process. And you are done. Your baverage will be shipped to your doorstep within a few days.