Gheesutra Nourishing Exfoliator - 50 ml by Shankara

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Our Gheesutra Natural Exfoliator is a gentle face scrub enriched with evergreen beauty ingredients like 100 times washed ghee, Sweet almonds and Silica crystals. These natural treasures combine harmoniously to cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin to give a nourishing, radiant glow and calmnessin.


  • Deep penetration to remove impurities and unclog pores.
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines.
  • Promotes even skin tone and texture
  • Restores skin’s natural glowskin.

How to use-

Step 01: Dampen your skin

Step 02: Apply the exfoliator to your face, neck and décolleté.

Step 03: Gently massage with your finger tips

Step 04: Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Ayurvedic Benefits for your Skin type-

Our Gheesutra Nourishing Exfoliator is crafted with powerful beauty ingredients like Washed ghee and Sweet almonds that help repair and restore health of all skin types i.e. Pitta Dosha, Kapha Dosha and Vata Dosha.


  • Washed ghee - Washed ghee is a time tested ingredient that forms a protective skin barrier to lock in moisture. It also soothes and calms the skin while improving its ability to repair and heal.
  • Sweet almonds - The fine ground particles of sweet almonds provide gentle exfoliation to skin. They also help lock in moisture and restore youthful appearance. Silica crystals
  • Silica crystalsn - provide a plethora of benefits to the skin including removal of dead skin cells, improvement in skin texture and revival of skin’s brightness.

     Net Weight -  50ml

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