Kansa Massage & Marma Wand by Shankara

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Kansa Massage & Marma Wand is a unique metal alloy made with Copper, Tin and Zinc. The amalgamation of these elements ensures removal of toxins, collagen production & improvement in blood circulation. The wand comes in two orb sizes with optimal grip to give maximum benefits. The smaller orb is ideal for massage of Marma points and the larger orb helps address muscle tension of neck, head and body.


  • Massage helps improve circulation and free movement of nutrients into cells and ensures the skin is healthy and glowing.
  • Supports release of excess heat and acidity.
  • Tones facial muscles and removes toxins from the lymph nodes.
  • Balances pH of the skin and removes stress from the body and mind.
  • Calms down inflammations, caused by dryness and dosha imbalance.

    How to use?

    Step 01
    Up and down on the side of the neck.

    Step 02
    On the jawline, massage the TMJs (temporomandibular joints).

    Step 03
    Lifting massage from chin to bottom of the ear.

    Step 04
    Lifting massage from lips to middle of the ear.

    Step 05
    Lifting massage from lips to middle of the ear.

    Step 06
    Circle around the temple and crow’s feet.

    Step 07
    Circles around the eyes.

    Step 08
    Going zigzag across the forehead gently (works well with music too!).

    Step 09
    Circle on the third eye- the region in between your eyebrows (Elevens).


    Copper - It helps to develop collagen and elastin, which maintain the strength of the skin; TIN- Along with Copper and Zinc, Tin maintains the skin collagen.; ZINC- It helps rejuvenate skin.

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