Shine and Glow ( Sandal Soap, Protein Shampoo , Rose Face Wash)

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1 Sandal Soap 100g 42
2 Protein Shampoo 200ml 140
3 Rose Face Wash 60ml 80
    Total 262

Shine and Glow products (Shampoo, Soap, Face Wash) offer a unique blend of essential ingredients and nutrients to cleanse and revitalize hair, skin, and face for a natural, healthy glow.

Sri Sri Tattva Sandal soap is crafted with natural ingredients to protect against harsh chemicals and dryness. Its refreshing fragrance relaxes and nourishes the skin with the best of nature's bounty. Rejuvenate with a soap that cares!

  • Sandalwood fragrance relaxes the skin, providing moisturization to prevent premature aging. It repairs and rejuvenates, leaving skin glowing and healthy.

This shampoo protects hair from breakage and restores natural shine and volume with a scientifically proven formula. It contains natural proteins, essential nutrients, and herbal extracts that lock in moisture, boost nourishment, and maintain moisture levels. Hair is left healthier and stronger with this natural solution.

  • Enhances the basic structure of damaged hair.
  • Makes the hair smooth, easy to manage & healthy.

Sri Sri Tattva Rose Face Wash repairs, soothes, and refreshes skin. It has a long-lasting fragrance for all skin types. The ingredients nourish while providing a natural luster. Moisturizing and toning, the face wash grants a healthy glow and softness.

  • Nourishes skin; cleanses face of dirt and impurities; reduces acne and blemishes; removes excess oil; leaves skin soft and supple.

Customer Reviews

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Vishnu Nazirkar

Shine and Glow (Shampoo, Soap, Face Wash)

Harish Patil
High quality shampoo

High quality shampoo.
In my opinion, by using all the products of Sri Sri Tattva, our service (Seva) is done and also we get to use pure and herbal products of excellent quality.

Shivashankara Rao

Shine and Glow (Shampoo, Soap, Face Wash)

shenbagam. s

Shine and Glow (Shampoo, Soap, Face Wash)


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