9 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Almonds

9 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Almonds

Almonds, the simplest of the nuts known for their subtle yet delicious flavor, are also underdogs when it comes to being known for their nutritional values and the health benefits they offer. Almonds are also very versatile as raw ingredients for many dishes and are often consumed as snacks by people of all ages, thanks to their low-calorie and high-fiber content. You can now buy TRUE CREW Roasted Almonds Pounch from Sri Sri Tattva website and enjoy the benefits of roasted almonds while relishing almonds' delicious and subtle taste. 

Here are nine almond benefits that make them one of the healthiest snacks around for anyone who wants to enjoy eating short eats without being guilty of compromising their health - 

Packed With Unique Nutrients - Almonds are a powerhouse of nutrients, and the nutrients available in almonds are considerable compared to other snacks. In one serving of almonds, which amounts to about 28 grams, the fiber content is 3.5 grams, and the protein content is about 6 grams. This unique composition, along with 18% magnesium and 9 grams of monounsaturated fats, is a perfect recipe to lead an active lifestyle. The unique nutrient content of almonds helps manage ailments like diabetes, cholesterol, and weight management; therefore, nudging this dry fruit to be added to our daily diets will always lead to positive results. Ref:1 

Rich In Antioxidants - Antioxidants are one of the most vital components required by the body to keep severe and chronic ailments at bay. Antioxidants have a very specific task of neutralizing free radicals in our bodies that are incredibly harmful to the cells. The brown layer of almonds is abundant in antioxidants, so eating dry roasted almonds with the brown layer still intact is preferred to reap the maximum benefits of antioxidants, which are very important for leading a healthy life. Ref:2

Storehouse Of Vitamin E - It is truly remarkable to know that almonds have high amounts of Vitamin E. One serving of almonds will contain up to 48% of the daily value of Vitamin E, which is significant considering that other snacks might not contain any nutritional components when compared to one serving of almonds. Adding Vitamin E to our diet will help enhance our vision, immunity, skin, and cognitive health. The Vitamin E in almonds will also reduce the risk of cardiovascular health, oxidative stress, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer, making adding almonds to our diet a positive step towards a healthier body and mind.Ref:3

Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels - Almonds' nutritional values also mean that these delicious dry fruits play an important role in managing one of the most stubborn ailments, like diabetes. Almonds are rich in magnesium, which is linked to reducing insulin resistance and regulating blood sugar levels. Almonds are also rich in fiber

 and healthy fats that are required to provide the body with the much-needed energy to maintain an active lifestyle, which is crucial for managing blood sugar levels. Ref:4

Help Manage Blood Pressure Levels - It is important to note that High Blood Pressure is a chronic ailment that requires constant care and monitoring as it can lead to other ailments like cardiovascular and kidney damage, which are both chronic and fatal at times. Magnesium is one mineral that helps manage high blood pressure and is found in almonds, making it a positive food to add to our daily diet for a healthy heart. Ref:5

Reduce Cholesterol Levels - Almond’s benefits mainly extend to managing ailments that are not only caused by weak immune systems or genetic disorders but also those that are caused by unhealthy lifestyles and environmental factors. Cholesterol is one such ailment that is caused by unhealthy lifestyles, and almonds help in managing and reducing cholesterol because of their ability to reduce Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL) and promote "good cholesterol" or High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL). Ref:6

Help Reduce Harmful Oxidation Of LDL -  Atherosclerosis is the process by which the blood vessels are narrowed due to plagued fat in our bodies, which results in serious cardiovascular ailments. Almonds are rich in polyphenol antioxidants that prevent the oxidation of LDL, which results in atherosclerosis. Ref:7

May Help Curb Hunger - Almonds are rich in fiber and good fat, which translates to healthy digestion, wherein the body absorbs all the required nutrients and curbs hunger for longer. As almonds are fiber-rich, it takes time for the body to digest them, which healthily reduces appetite and indirectly helps reduce our cravings for junk food. Sri Sri Tattva has a range of healthy snacks that one can try to help enhance their healthy and active lifestyle while fulfilling their cravings to consume delicious food. 

May Prove Effective In Reducing Weight - Dry roasted almonds and salted almonds are rich in nutrients, fiber, and healthy fat, all promoting an active lifestyle that will help reduce weight in the right and healthy manner. 

All of these benefits point towards appreciating how adding almonds to our daily diet can help the body keep chronic diseases at bay. Almonds can also help people satisfy their craving for snacks without burdening the body. We hope this article has helped you understand the nine benefits of almonds. For more such informative articles, we encourage you to visit our website at www.srisritattva.com!  

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