Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

7 Reasons You Should Consider Switching to Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

Toothpaste plays a significant role in our daily hygiene routine, and it is important to invest in the best toothpaste available to us. Oral hygiene is vital in preventing many diseases, as our mouth is the first point of contact while consuming food and water. Poor oral hygiene can lead to gum disease of a serious nature, like strokes and heart attacks. Cavities in teeth as a result of bad oral health can harbor viruses, which can lead to problems like pneumonia and other bacterial diseases. 

There are many types of toothpaste in the market, many of which are filled with harmful chemicals, and very few of them are certified organic. Fluoride toothpaste, while it might seem like a good and efficient choice, has drawbacks that topple the advantages. Over the last few years, people have become more and more health-conscious and are switching to fluoride-free toothpaste for better health. In this article, we look at the various harmful side effects of fluoride toothpaste and why you should consider switching to fluoride-free toothpaste.

  1. Fluoride-Based Toothpaste is Poisonous—Yes! That is right: fluoride-based toothpaste is harmful in the long run. Fluoride, though, might seem to be doing its job of cleaning our teeth; it bleaches the teeth and leaves them vulnerable to breakage and enamel damage. 
  2. Your Teeth Contain Less Than 2% Fluoride: Toothpaste with a lot of fluoride makes no sense as our teeth require calcium. Calcium is more significant and helpful than fluoride. 
  3. Fluoride Has No Benefit On Your Teeth Unlike other minerals and vitamins, our body does not require fluoride. Introducing fluoride to the body in small quantities over a period of time can cause many harmful effects. That is why we recommend organic toothpaste that does not have fluoride or any other toxic chemicals.
  4. Fluoride Damages The Organs, Bones, and More As mentioned above, fluoride usage for a longer duration can lead to diseases like arthritis and muscular damage, which can deteriorate the quality of life. Fluoride can also damage your thyroid gland and cause weight gain, Alzheimer's, depression, and fatigue. Sri Sri Tattva provides one of the best natural toothpastes for your oral hygiene with zero chemicals.
  5. Fluoride is Not Natural: Fluoride is not a natural mineral, making it a synthetic mineral that, in large dosages, is harmful to the human body. Sri Sri Tattva endorses natural ingredient toothpaste as it contains all the required minerals and vitamins for the best oral hygiene. 
  6. Fluoride Toothpastes Are Loaded With Toxic Ingredients: Fluoride-based toothpaste is made of synthetic minerals and elements, making it highly toxic. Though the adverse effects might not appear immediately, over the long run, the damages are irreparable. 
  7. Fluoride May Not Prevent Cavities: Contrary to common belief, fluoride-based toothpaste may not prevent cavities. Sri Sri Tattva's Non-Fluoride toothpaste contains natural ingredients like clove and black pepper, which have antibacterial properties that prevent cavities. 

We can safely conclude that the harmful side effects trump the advantages of fluoride-based toothpaste and that chemical-free toothpaste is the best way to maintain oral hygiene. 


   1. What are the benefits of fluoride-free toothpaste?

Ans: Fluoride-free toothpaste has many benefits, starting with the omission of harmful synthetic fluoride. Sri Sri Tattva Sudanta Fluoride-free toothpaste has other ingredients like clove, black pepper, cinnamon, bakul, and mayaphala, which have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are crucial for the best oral health. 

   2. Which is India's No. 1 Ayurvedic toothpaste?

Ans: Sri Sri Tattva's Sudanta Non-Fluoride toothpaste is the best natural toothpaste in India. It has ingredients like clove, black pepper, cinnamon, bakul, and mayaphala properties, which have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which are crucial for the best oral health.

  3. Which toothpaste is without chemicals?

Ans: Sri Sri Tattva's Sudanta Non-Fluoride Toothpaste has no chemicals. Sri Sri Tattva's Sudanta Non-Fluoride Toothpaste has natural ingredients like clove, black pepper, cinnamon, bakul, and mayaphala, which have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are crucial for the best oral health.

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