Whole Wheat Atta vs Normal Atta

What Is The Difference Between Whole Wheat Atta and Normal Atta?

Are you a health-conscious individual who is always eager to incorporate more grain in your diet? Or are you just trying to figure out which variant of Atta is the best for you? Well, two of the most popular variants that you have in hand are whole wheat atta and normal Atta. Now, you might be wondering what the difference is between these two variants. Well, to guide you on the same, we are here for you. We are going to talk to you about some of the major points of difference between whole wheat atta and normal Atta.

Key Differences Between Whole Wheat Atta and Normal Atta:

Whole wheat atta and normal Atta: An overview


Atta has been a staple food for a majority of Indian households since time immemorial. Whole wheat atta and normal Atta are basically derived from the same source. However, there are certain differences in their nutritional value and processing techniques.

The fibre content is different in these two variants of Atta. There are significant variations in their texture and colour as well. However, both these varieties may almost appear to be the same to the common human eye.

Including Atta in our diet comes with a lot of health benefits. It helps prevent constipation and digestive issues. So, if you frequently suffer from improper digestion, then you must consider buying Atta online. Atta has got a big role to play in maintaining the blood glucose level in our body. This makes it extremely beneficial for patients suffering from diabetes. It also boosts our immunity and allows us to fall ill a lot less frequently. Atta can also reduce the chances of individuals suffering from stomach cancer, colon cancer, etc.

• Processing techniques:

Atta is basically a wholemeal flour. It is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre. It has low quantities of fat. Whole wheat atta, on the other hand, is a wholemeal flour which has been entirely made from wheat kernels. It is also low in fat. Both these varieties of Atta have the same list of ingredients, but their nutrient concentration may differ slightly. You can also buy online Atta from Sri Sri Tattva.

• Texture:

Another major difference between whole wheat atta and normal Atta is the texture. Wholewheat Atta is a coarse flour. It has a rough texture and a brownish colour. Normal Atta is fine flour. It has a smooth and fine texture. So, if you are someone who prefers the smoothness in your flour, then the normal Atta is a better choice for you, but if you like your Atta in raw form, you can opt for whole wheat atta.

• Fibre content:


The dietary fibre of whole wheat atta is more than that of Atta as the complete wheat kernel is ground to prepare the Atta. So, if you are willing to increase your fibre intake, then the better option for you would be to go for whole wheat atta. Because of the high fibre content, the nutritional benefit of whole wheat atta is more. Your digestive capabilities will also increase, and you won't have to suffer from digestive issues at regular intervals.

• Nutritional density:


Normal Atta

Whole Wheat Flour





11.4 g

13.2 g


77.1 g

72.5 g

And these are some of the major differences between normal Atta and whole wheat atta. So, if you wish to include organic Atta in your diet, then it is high time that you visit the Sri Sri Tattva website and pick from a wide range of available products. Contact us to learn more about how to purchase wheat flour online.

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