Turmeric and Pepper

Turmeric and Pepper

Our grandmothers had a cure for everything in their kitchen shelves - from a stomach bug to a viral infection, but can these simple solutions be effective for a world that is struck with viruses? Sri Sri Tattva’s Doctor Ravi definitely believes so. 

He says, “Now that the world is in the thick of various Viral attacks - Corona being the latest, it is crucial to stock up on various immunity builders and harness on building your immunity. Begin with Turmeric. The benefits of turmeric have been known to Indians for ages, and now, it's even found itself a millennial face internationally. 

Turmeric and Black Pepper: Boost your immune system

One of the reasons why turmeric is so freely sprinkled in all Indian dishes is because it holds the power of boosting one's immune system. Curcumin, the component within turmeric which has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. 

Dr Ravi adds, “Its best to combine turmeric with a pinch of pepper, as curcumin shows increased bioavailability in the presence of piperine, which is one of the active compounds of black pepper.”

Here is a quick recipe that requires a tbsp of ghee, some turmeric (powder or tablet form) and three or four black peppercorns. Cook for a few seconds and then consume the mixture on an empty stomach.

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