We spoke to Dr Hari, senior Ayurveda Practitioner with Sri Sri Tattva, to get the lowdown on the right antidotes to combat and prevent the onslaught of various infections and help build immunity and he mentioned the various Indian herbs you could turn to, Amruth or Giloy being one of them. 

“Amrut pacifies all three doshas and is therefore safe for everyone to consume." confirms Sri Sri Tattva’s Dr.Hari.

It is also the most powerful immune modulators, which is why it is immensely useful in treating autoimmune conditions. The root is known for its anti-stress, anti-leprotic and anti-malarial activities.  It is known to be a rich source of trace elements (zinc and copper) that act as antioxidants and protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. 

Continue ingesting the herb over a long period of time to see cumulative effects.



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