Get rid of Common cold and fever with Ayurveda

Get rid of Common cold and fever with Ayurveda

It is that time of the year when everything seems to be changing - the weather, the food and your immune system. This is the time of the year when, as per Ayurveda, maximum people suffer from cold, cough and the like. We had a chat with Sri Sri Tattva Nadi Dr. Sharika and this is what she had to say about how to combat the season’s whiplash of sniffles. 

 What is a disease?

According to Ayurveda, diseases occur due to the imbalance of doshas. This imbalance is created due to Nidana (aggravating factors). before the appearance of a disease, the pathogenesis takes place in the body. Symptoms which appear due to the aggravation and migration of doshas are called poorvaroopa. In other diseases, the existence of a milder form of Roopa (sign or symptoms) can be called as poorvaroopa.

 Feeling Feverish?

Premonitory Symptoms you know that you are going down with a case of Fever- Poorvaroopa is an essential and useful tool to Identify a future disease.

  1. Jrumbha (excessive yawning)
  2. Mukha vairasya (distaste in mouth)
  3. ASru agaman (watering of eyes/ teary eyes)
  4. Nidraadhika (excessive sleep) etc 

 What is fever?

 Jwara (fever) is described first among disorders because temperature (or body heat) is a life-sustaining force, and is the first condition (afflicting patients of somatic conditions)

 What to do when you feel feverish?

 When premonitory symptoms manifest or at the onset of the fever, dieting or fasting is useful because the disease originates from the amashaya

Treatment for Fever

  1. Langhan: Aam being the main factor initiating Jwara by causing Agnimandya, Langhan becomes the first step in the treatment of Jwara. Also being a Rasapradoshaj Vyadhi, Langhan is indicated in Jwara. It helps to pacify the vitiated Dosha and stimulates the Jatharagni. However, Langhan should not be prescribed in case of Vataj, Shramaj, Jeerna, Kshataj, Kshayaj and Manas Jwara in which Dhatukshay has already set in. Shaman must be given in such cases. 
  1. Swedan: Guru Pravaran (heavy, warm clothing), staying in a warm atmosphere helps in Aam Pachan and helps.
  1. Kala: As time passes, the body gets enough time for Aampachan. Usually, it takes 7 days for Pachan after which Niramavastha is achieved.
  1. Yavagu: Yavagu helps Agnideepan, Aampachan and Anuloman.
  1. Tikta Rasa: Tikta Rasa is known as the best Aampachak

OTC - for common cold and fever

  • Sudarsana Vati - cold and fever
  • Devavati - Fever due to Indigestion or food poisoning
  • Amrut 
  • Tulsi - Infections
  • Yastimadhu
  • Jvarakeerti
  • Pratisyayahara Vati

 Jwara is not to be suppressed, but the disease progress can be eased out. Even during fevers ayurvedic medicines do not suppress the natural body response but help the disease to ease out and thus heal. The reason or causes are addressed effectively, these days several fevers are identified as  - ‘fevers of unknown origin’ in such conditions, the dosha association can be easily known through the Nadi and thus treated effectively to root out the condition.

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