Everything You Need to Know About Buying Ayurvedic Medicines Online in India

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Ayurvedic Medicines Online in India

Maharshis Charaka and Shushrutha have left us a treasure trove of knowledge on life sciences, also known as Ayurvedic. Ayurvedic dates back over 5000 years before today, and the knowledge that this branch of science has proven to be extremely valuable in helping humankind tackle a plethora of ailments. 

Ayurvedic is the only branch among the many branches of health science that focuses on preventing ailments rather than curing them after the fact. It also focuses on curing existing ailments by focusing on three aspects, namely body, mind and spirit, to find the source of the ailment and then eliminate the problem from its roots. 

Besides treating ailments, Ayurvedic is also known for formulating and concocting medicines. Medicines like lehas, powders, rasayanas and oils are formulated to provide maximum relief to anyone suffering from illnesses. Medicines to avoid ailments are also formulated using herbs and oils, which makes Ayurvedic a true marvel of health sciences. 

The advent of advanced technology and efficient logistics has revolutionised the accessibility of Ayurvedic medicines worldwide. This has led to the emergence of user-friendly online Ayurvedic stores, such as those pioneered by organisations like Sri Sri Tattva. These platforms ensure that anyone needing these medicines can have them delivered to their doorstep, thereby making significant strides in ensuring the availability of Ayurvedic supplements

It is also important to note that there are many aspects to making an online Ayurveda store successful, and many factors come into play before considering buying Ayurvedic medicines online. In this article, we touch upon the nuances of online Ayurveda stores and the factors to consider before buying Ayurvedic medicines online. 

Decoding Ayurveda: A Guide to Understanding Ayurvedic Medicines


Ayurveda focuses on curing ailments by decoding the source of the disease and then formulating medicines to tackle the same to give complete relief from that particular illness without negatively affecting other parts of the body. The best Ayurveda supplements are made with utmost care considering the illness and the type of prana it affects, namely Vayu, Prana, Apana, Udana, and Samana. Ayurveda also considers factors like Vata, Pitta and Kapha before formulating medicines, making Ayurvedic medicines highly complex and personalized. 

It is also important to know that a few generic ayurvedic medicines can be used for common ailments like colds, coughs, fever, indigestion and acidity. These generic medicines can be bought through online stores, which shows how ayurvedic medicines, though specific, are also versatile most of the time. Ayurveda products online include every type of Ayurvedic medicine, from oils to kashaya and lehas, all of which can be transported to any part of the world when needed without worrying about their shelf life or longevity. 

Now that we have understood the nuances of Ayurvedic medicines, how diverse they can be, and how transporting them from online stores is possible, let us understand the benefits of buying Ayurvedic medicines online.

Benefits of Buying Ayurvedic Medicines Online


Here are a few benefits of buying Ayurveda products online that make online shopping that much more convenient - 

  • Doorstep Delivery - Hectic schedules and busy lifestyles have made shopping for the right kinds of medicines a low-priority issue. With Ayurveda stores now online, the experience of shopping for Ayurvedic medicines has become hassle-free and convenient!

  • Quality Products - With companies like Sri Sri Tattva in the fray, the availability of quality Ayurvedic medicines online has become a reality. Ayurvedic products are now tested with stringent quality control norms, making Ayurvedic medicines from online stores safe and regulated. 

  • Wide Range Of Products - The online world is large and filled with options, and Ayurvedic medicines are no different. Buyers can choose from many reputed brands and sellers and have a wide range of products based on their preference of cost, quantity and, sometimes, even the product's taste.

With the benefits of buying Ayurvedic Products online now out of the way, let us explore the factors to consider before purchasing Ayurvedic medicines online.

Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase


A few factors we recommend you consider before buying Ayurveda products or medicines online are - 

  • Consult A Doctor - Always consult your doctor before you buy any medicine online; seek the help of your doctor to choose a trusted brand before you use the medicine.


  • Look For Proper Licences - Research the stores before buying from them. A genuine website will always have a section showcasing their certificates and license to sell medicines. 

  • Know Your Product - Knowing your product is crucial before buying it to understand if that is precisely what you need for your ailments or problems. 

Now, let us keep an eye on a few things to help you have a safe and happy online Ayurvedic medicines shopping experience.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping of Ayurvedic Medicines


A few tips from us while buying Ayurvedic products online are - 

  • Know your seller,
  • Ensure the payment portals are secure,
  • Verify the products with your doctor, and
  • Research the brand you want your product from.

We hope this article has helped you understand the nuances of shopping for Ayurvedic medicines online. Visit www.srisritattva.com to explore a range of authentic and safe Ayurvedic medicines made using ancient methods from locally sourced natural resources for the best results!

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