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7 Health Benefits Of Cow's Pure Ghee

India and medicine have a rich history, not with the present-day Allopathic Medicines but with Ayurveda. The use and benefits of Cow's Pure Ghee are mentioned in the many recorded manuscripts. As many of us may have heard from our grandparents, the benefits of cow ghee were innumerable, and the taste of the ghee was an added advantage.

Due to the Western influence, the past decade saw a decline in the use of ghee while preparing food and medicines. In recent years, the people of India have realised the importance of Cow's Pure Ghee and have started embracing their roots. With the advent of the internet and our country's advanced research capabilities, various research papers have pointed to the benefits of using Cow's Pure Ghee and thereby rightfully restoring the rightful play of ghee in our food and medicines. In this article, let us look at the seven benefits of Cow's Pure Ghee.

• Rich In Nutrients -

The reason why Cow's Pure Ghee is used in various Indian foods, and Ayurveda is because of the many nutrients that are present in the most minimal quantities of Cow's Pure Ghee. Besides healthy fats, ghee is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E.Cow's Pure Ghee, wherein the cows are fed grass, also contains Butyric acid. You can now buy cow’s pure ghee from our website at

• Helps Digestive System Builds Immunity -

Cow's Pure Ghee contains healthy fats that help boost the performance of digestive enzymes, which assist in the breaking down and digestion of food. Ghee also lubricates the digestive tract, thereby preventing constipation and indigestion. The many vitamins found in ghee also help the immune system significantly.

• Anti-inflammatory -

Studies have time and again shown the ability of ghee to reach almost all the tissues of our body, which helps in developing healthy bones. Ghee also acts as a lubricant for all our joints, and its anti-inflammatory properties ensure healthy tissues, muscles and bone structure. Buy your pack of Cow's Pure Ghee onlinefrom our website!

• Good Source of Energy -

Ghee can be incorporated into our food effortlessly, which can help enhance the taste of the food and double as a healthy energy source. The healthy fat available in ghee helps provide energy, reduces blood pressure, and improves cell growth.

• Treats Burns -

In ancient times, and even now, Cow's Pure Ghee was used to treat burns. The fatty acids in the ghee help heal wounds and soothe the skin. You can now buy ghee online by visiting our website.

• Boon for Lactose Intolerant -

Ghee helps provide much-needed healthy fats for people with lactose intolerance. Ghee also improves the digestive system and helps deal with conditions like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

• Nourishes Skin -

Ghee is a natural moisturiser; thanks to the abundance of fatty acids present in ghee, it can protect the skin from cold and heat at the same time. The many vitamins present in the ghee like Vitamin E helps in nourishing our skin.

With years of research under our belt, we at Sri Sri Tattva believe in the benefits of Cow's Pure Ghee and have made online ghee shopping easy and efficient. Check out our website for Cow's Pure Ghee and many such healthy products!


1- Is Cow's Pure Ghee healthy?

Ans - Cow's Pure Ghee is extremely healthy and has many benefits if consumed in the right dosage. Cow's Pure Ghee is rich in good fat, Vitamins A, K and E and helps improve bone health and the digestive system.

2-Why ghee so powerful?

Ans - Ghee contains many vitamins and healthy soluble fats, which help nourish the body's vital organs, tissues, skin, and bones. Ghee also helps break our food by revitalising the enzymes required for digestion, making ghee one of the most potent medical ingredients.

3-Which online ghee is best?

Ans - Sri Sri Tattva's ghee is the best Cow's Pure Ghee available online. You can buy pure ghee online at

4-Which brand is best for pure ghee?

Ans - Sri Sri Tattva's pure ghee is the best available in the market. The hygienic preparation method and healthy cows from where the milk is sourced make Sri Sri Tattva's ghee the best brand in the market.

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