Kleanup Handwash - Protection from Harmful Germs, 200ml

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Sri Sri Tattva Kleanup Handwash is enriched with natural ingredients, which kill germs, moisturise and care for your hands. This hand wash is mild on the skin and harsh on germs.

Key Benefits

  • Helps in removing germs.

How to Use

  • Apply and wash hands 

Key Ingredients

Each ml contains

  • Kumari(Aloe barbadensis) - leaf - Liquid extract 
  • Neem (Azadirachta indica) - lead - Liquid extract 
  • Naraga (Citrius aurantium) - fruit - Peel extract 
  • Colour Index (19140+42090), Preservative - Phenoxyethanol, Base - QS, Aqua - QS.