Holiday Positivitea (Madhukari Herbal Tea, Honey, Black Pepper, Cashew Nut Cookies)

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Sri Sri Tattva Madhukari Herbal Tea is an exquisite blend of 16 exotic herbs. The combination of these herbs act as appetizer, digestive aid and helps in kapha embalances. Use it as an alternative to your daily tea & coffee and get refreshed and energized with aromatic caffeine free Sri Sri Tattva Madhukari herbal tea .

Sri Sri Tattva Honey a part of your daily intake and enjoy it with parathas and toasts, or include it in your preparation of lemonade, salad dressings, sauces etc for nutrition. Add sweetness in your life 

Sri Sri Tattva is committed to bringing you the quality of food that you deserve. Our products are sourced from certified organic farms. They are cleaned and packed in the most hygienic conditions in food grade packaging. Bring home Sri Sri Tattva for a healthy life.


Sn Product Name
1 Madhukari Herbal Tea 
100g 125
2 Honey
250g 140
3 Black Pepper Powder
100g 145
4 Cashew Nut Cookies  60g 10
Total 420

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