Comeback Kit - Recovery Support

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Sn Product Name Qty MRP
1 Shakti Drops 1 110
2 Ashwagandadhi Tablets 1 100
3 Brahma Rasayana 1 130
4 Kabasura Kudineer Tablets 1 130
Total 470

Recovery from a viral infection needs care and adequate rest. Most people who have suffered mild and moderate symptoms recover soon and gradually get back to their regular lifestyle. For someone with severe symptoms it may take longer. 

Sri Sri Tattva Comeback Kit for Recovery Support features a special selection of herbal supplements, known for their immunity-boosting & strengthening properties and for restoring overall health & wellness.

Shakti Drops :

A potent and pure formulation, Shakti Drops helps strengthen immunity and takes care of your all round wellness through the year. A blend of eight invaluable certified Organic herbs - Amla, Ashwagandha, Bringaraj, Brahmi, Amruth, Shankapushpi, Satavari, Yashtimadhu, it is an excellent rejuvenator. 

Ashwagandhadi Tablets:
Ashwagandhadi is a natural treatment for low energy states & general exhaustion, something that is a common post viral infection. A powerful anti-stress agent, Ashwagandhadi helps to  relieve mental, physical & emotional stress, restores & builds energy. 

Brahma Rasayana:

Brahma Rasayana is known to be a very good rejuvenator. It acts as an antioxidant and also reduces the degenerative process of cells. It improves mental well-being and strengthens the body. 

Kabasura Kudineer:

Kabasura Kudineer is a traditional Siddha formulation for effective management of respiratory ailments. This herbal formulation helps greatly in relieving conditions associated with respiratory health. 


Sn Products Dosage
1 Shakti Drops 5 drops in 100ml of water. Twice a day.
2 Ashwagandadhi Tablets 2-0-2 After food
3 Brahma Rasayana 1-0-1 Teaspoon on empty stomach with warm water
4 Kabasura Kudineer Tablets 1-0-1 After food

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Comeback Kit - Recovery Support

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Comeback Kit - Recovery Support

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Comeback Kit - Recovery Support

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Comeback Kit - Recovery Support

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Comeback Kit - Recovery Support