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Upanayanam Kit

Upanayanam is one of the most important Samskārās in a person’s life. “Upa” means ‘close’ and “Nayana” means ‘to bring’. Upanayana means bringing oneself closer to the Guru or Divine. 

This Upanayanam kit contains following 12 items:

  1. Panchapatra
  2. Udarini - Small
  3. Aasan 
  4. Udarini - Big
  5. Rudraksha Mala
  6. Panchapatra Plate
  7. Havan Kund
  8. Havan Kund Stand
  9. Chimuta (Tongs)
  10. Sandhyavandhnam Book
  11. Vibhuti
  12. Kit Bag
Choose between Saree or Vaishti & Angavastram Set

Delivered in 8 -10 working days.

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(Inclusive of all taxes)
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