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Premium Quality Rice Box

Premium Quality Rice- from the fields of India Black Rice has been referred to as 'Emperors Rice' or 'Forbidden Rice' through the ages in the Orient. It gets the name from how precious it was considered to be in ancient times. With selective cultivation, this rice was reserved for royal kitchens and it was especially known for its numerous health benefits. This grain is known to have one of the highest contents of Anthocyanin, an antioxidant agent, which gives it its colour. It is a Gluten Free grain which makes it suitable for people with gluten intolerance. Traditionally, the rice is known for its nutritional value which helps in sustaining good health. This is fast becoming the choice of rice for those that are very health conscious.

Brown Rice is a whole grain rice produced by removing the outer hull of the rice kernel. It gets the brown colour as the nutrient rich bran and the germ layer of the rice is not removed. The presence of bran and the germ layer makes it healthy and easy to digest, which makes it useful for weight management. One of the distinctive feature of this rice is the lower glycemic index(GI) compared to some other grains, which helps naturally balance sugar levels in the blood. It is one of the most popular choice of rice for weight conscious people.

Red Rice is one of the oldest known varieties of rice. It is a native of the Asian Subcontinent and has been widely grown in India. Just like the brown rice, the bran of the red rice is not removed. It gets the red colour due to the presence of Anthocyanin, an antioxidant. The various health benefits of the rice is attributed to the presence of the bran as well Anthocyanin. It is now widely used by many health care facilities as well as households as a healthier alternative grain.

Basmati Rice is a long grain, aromatic rice, grown for many centuries in a specific geographical area of northern India. It is blessed with characteristic extra - long slender grains that elongate on cooking and get a soft and fluffy texture once cooked. It has a superior aroma, delicious taste, and distinct flavour which makes it unique among other rice varieties. Basmati rice has been the choice of rice for celebrations and special occasions through the ages.

Sona Masuri is the an extremely popular variety of rice in India. It is a native to the Southern states of India. It is a medium sized grain characterized with a distinctive taste and aroma. Sona Masuri is known for its rich nutrient content and easy to digest nature. It has been the favourite choice of rice for daily preparation at home.

Lashkari Kolam is a popular Indian grain which has been traditionally grown in the Indian states of Gujarat, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is a medium sized and light weight grain which makes it healthy and easy to digest, helping the body to conserve energy. When cooked, the rice forms a non-sticky and soft texture which makes it tasty and presentable. Owing to its ease of availability, taste and health benefits, this rice has been a popular choice of the Indian households through generations.

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