Homely Bites Festive Pack

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In every culinary creation from our Sattvic kitchen, five elements of nature blend in to promote health and happiness while pampering your taste buds. Together this brings a blissful experience that caters to all your five senses; Taste, Smell, Sight, Sound, and Touch.

We present to you, a recipe of Panchamrut, from our Panchakarma Centre at your second Home :) A homely taste, graced by food lovers for generations, the new range of crunchy and tasty snacks are made using the best ingredients, immense love, a lot of care and all things wonderful.

Whether you're craving something sweet or salty, chewy, or crunchy, our snacks are bound to make you happy. The fresh, zesty recipes ensure that each snack is packed with both flavour and health for you to enjoy and feel right at home!

Free from:

  • Preservatives
  • Added Colour
  • Taste Enhancers
  • Onion or Garlic

 Pack Content:

 SN Homely Bites Festive Pack Pack Size QTY
1 Black Sesame & Jaggery Laddo 133g 1
2 White Sesame & Jaggery Laddoo 133g 1
3 Dry Fruit Laddoo 133g 1
4 Sweet & Salty Poha 100g 1
5 Butter Murukku 100g 1