Immunity Building Kit - Need of the Hour

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Recommended use as a Prophylactic & to build Immunity:

This pack is suitable for one adult for one month.

Shakti Drops 5 drops +
Tulasi Arka 10 drops each
In 100 ml water 2 times a day.

Amruth 1-0-1 before food.
Turmeric Plus 1-0-1 after food.
Kabasura Kudineer 1-0-1 after food.

*Or as recommended by your Physician.

Shakti Drops: A potent and pure formulation, Sri Sri Tattva Shakti Drops help strengthen immunity and take care of your all round wellness through the year. A blend of eight invaluable Organic herbs, it is an excellent rejuvenator and helps build one's immunity greatly.

  • Amla - Acts as a rejuvenator
  • Ashwagandha - Strengthens the body
  • Bringaraj - Improves Digestion
  • Brahmi - Stress Reliever
  • Amruth - Supports Immune Function
  • Shankapushpi - Memory Enhancer
  • Satavari - Nourishes the body
  • Yashtimadhu - Strengthens Respiration

Tulasi Arka: Tulasi Arka is pure water extract of Certified Organic Tulasi. Tulasi has potent anti microbial and anti oxidant properties. It supports the respiratory system and helps build immunity.

Amruth Tablet: Amruth has multiple health benefits. It boosts immunity and acts as rejuvenating agent. It eliminates toxins, destroys disease causing pathogens and combats various infections.

Turmeric Plus Tablet: Curcumin, the component within turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It's best to combine turmeric with black pepper, as curcumin shows increased bioavailability or absorption in the presence of piperine, which is one of the active compounds of black pepper.

Kabasura Kudineer is a traditional formulation used by Siddha practitioners for effectively managing common respiratory ailments such as the flu and cold. This herbal formulation helps in relieving symptoms associated with respiratory health including severe phlegm, dry and wet cough and fever. 

Sn Product MRP Qty Total
1 Shakti Drops - Immunity Booster, 10ml 110 2 220
2 Tulasi Arka - Anti-Viral, 30ml 80 1 80
3 Amruth - Immuno Modulator, 60 Tabs | 500mg 130 1 130
4 Turmeric Plus - With Pepper, 60 Tabs | 500mg 150 1 150
5 Kabasura Kudineer, 60 Tabs | 500mg 130 1 130
Total 710


Net Weight: 500 g


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Immunity Building Kit - Need of the Hour

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Immunity Building kit

Good and effective

Viswanath Chivukula


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Ashuthosh M

One should always have an immunity kit in home .