Overcome those Wedding Jitters

Overcome those Wedding Jitters

Dec 15, '21

Winter is setting in and the wedding season is also on in full swing. Wedding jitters are normal. However brides-to-be are feeling the pressure to look best on their big day. If you want to steal the show, it’s important to focus on your body, mind, skin & hair and overall wellbeing. So, how do you ensure you look your best on these exceptional days? Here are 6 things you can do to be in the spotlight on these special occasions.

  • Eat Healthy foods

Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you go on a binge diet. Instead make healthy choices in terms of the food you eat. One of the best ways is to ensure that you use ingredients sourced from the producers directly, be it cereals, lentils, ghee & oils, sugar, salt or even masalas. Eating a diet rich in nutrients with adequate vegetables and fruits helps in maintaining the metabolism and energy levels all throughout the day.

  • Take care of your Skin & Hair

With cameras everywhere, everyone wants to appear stunning at a wedding or a party. Using the right personal care products for your skin and hair is of utmost importance during this season. With a variety of products available today and each brand making tall claims, how do you decide which are the right personal care products? The answer isn’t simple. However, using oral, skin & hair care products that are derived from plant based and natural sources are best.

  • Build Immunity

A critical aspect in today’s life is to build immunity as our living environment has changed substantially. There is therefore a greater need to support your health and wellbeing, so that you build a more resilient immune system to help reduce the risk and impact of virus infections. Ayurveda & Siddha preparations like Kabasura Kudineer, Giloy Tulasi juice, Turmeric Plus, Tulasi Arka & extracts from invaluable herbs are good to boost your immunity and keep infections at bay.

  • Maintain Hygiene

Another important aspect in today’s world is to maintain good personal hygiene. Maintaining hygiene practices increases self-confidence and positively impacts personal relationships. It also reduces the spread of illness and risk of medical conditions. Sanitisers made from natural sources like Aloe Vera, Neem, Tulasi, Lemon, Rose, Sandal etc. are best ways to keep up your hygiene and reduce the risk of spreading infections.

  • Hydrate well & Detox

Keeping yourself hydrated and detoxing not only takes care of your overall wellbeing but also helps to develop healthy skin & hair. Ditch the caffeine rich beverages and switch to Infusions prepared with flowers & herbs. This helps to refresh & rejuvenate, bring inner balance, enhance digestion, balance acidity, improve wellness and overall wellbeing.

  • Ensure a sharp mind & fit body

Opt for healthy drinks and juices over caffeinated or carbonated drinks. By doing so you will move towards a sharp mind, fit body, improved gut health, manage weight and improved organ functionalities. You can choose from a variety of plant based juices and health beverages powered by herbs to ensure a sharp mind and fit body.

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