Living Free in a New Normal

Living Free in a New Normal

Aug 19, '20

For many of us, being normal means the freedom to live life as we choose, from getting into planes to go on a holiday to entering malls and restaurants to celebrate occasions.

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And now there is a new normal that we need to adapt into our lives. A seamless adaptation of this new way of life is possible if the world switches over to healthier practices and eating alternatives.

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Here are some ways to ensure you build strength and can also cope with the challenges of the ‘new normal.

  1. Have a nutritious and a balanced diet to keep your immunity high

 Ayurveda has always been recommending that food should be eaten warm and freshly cooked. The ancient science also urges one to stay away from spicy, oily, fried, and pungent food.

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  1. What should be on your plate?
  • Cereals and Grains: Wheat, rice, millets, etc., are principal ingredients of Indian cooking. They are natural sources of nourishment and carbohydrates.
  • Pulses and Legumes: Mainly consists of grams and pulses, rich in proteins. Gram, green gram, different kinds of dals.
  • Some Roots: Sweet potato, carrots, beets, etc fall into this category. These could be substitutes for cereals as well. These, if eaten in appropriate quantities, are great to maintain strength and energy in the body.
  • Fruits: As we all know, vitamins, minerals, natural glucose and carbohydrates are present in substantial proportions in fresh fruits.
  • Vegetables: Fresh vegetables are an important part of a healthy plate. They come packed with essential vitamins

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  1. What should not be on your plate?

Avoid junk food, pre-cooked ingredients, fast food. Apart from lacking in nourishment value, this type of modern food is very likely to impair the normal functioning of our digestive system and cause harmful mutations due to the chemicals in the preservatives, the artificial flavours and the chemically processed cooking involved in its preparation.

  1. Keep your immune system healthy by turning to ancient Indian Remedies.

Turn to the main stays in your kitchen rack and find spices and herbs that ramp up the immune system and help stave away infections.

Sri Sri Tattva Immunity Building Range contains five easy-to-use products that help you boost your immune system and bring holistic health. With 5 products - Shakti Drops, Tulasi Arka, Chyawanprash, Amruth, and Turmeric Plus, the range makes for an effective combination that empowers your body and helps you fight illnesses.

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